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The locals of popular and "Izumo soba Kanaya"

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Izumo so popular store in the place where it was a little away about 10 minutes walk to the west from Taisha, I came went in the mood.
On the way there was also catch the sign, such as that popular with locals.

Shop is feeling that soba of cafeteria are doing aunt and her rather than a soba shop tourist destination.

We ordered the buckwheat Wari-ko of 750 yen.
Is not a rigid feel like that buckwheat craftsmen made stuck, it was usual delicious soba.

It may not be as much as bother to carry the foot as a tourist, but it is recommended for people who want to experience the Japan of ordinary soba shop.

Parking was also there in the seven space next to the back of the shop.
9:30 to 17:00
Lunch business, operating Sunday

[Regular holiday]
7 days a week

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