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Popular with women! Izumo of cotton Street

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Located in Lake Shinji side of Izumo, Shoyuya as the old-fashioned streets remain, Japan Sake, draper, sweets shop There is also a sequence cafe.
Photo of ice and soy sauce is what's "Moichiro Oka shop" of soy sauce storehouse of tree tub founded in 1897.
Sashimi I bought the soy sauce. It goes well with sashimi in a mellow flavor.
If the reservation so can tour the soy sauce warehouse.

On the back side of the cotton street has a river, it is good there is also taste there is a small pier.

There are many hotels of soy sauce warehouse and trendy cafes in the other.
It is on the east side there is a history of marriage spot "Usami shrine".

Cotton street interchange building few cars of parking space before you have any.

In addition, in the place of about a 3-minute walk, there is a "cooking hot spring Yurari" of the day spa facility of sink source hanging.
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